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About Us

Merriam Consulting Services, Inc.  has been in business for over ten years.  The company started out as a software development firm, but has grown to encompass several major areas of company development and office administration.

Our goal is basic - to help small businesses compete with the larger businesses without the high overhead costs.  We can help the company  market themselves effectively using the Internet.  We can also help with projects as small as a simple brochure website, to an e-commerce storefront or a larger web site with a blog.  In the office administration department, our experience helps a smaller office streamline their process, stay on top of current benefit / payroll administration changes, and handle any administration need without adding personnel.

We monitor the current business trends and attend training regularly to stay on top of the changing business strategies.

Let our knowledge and experience help your business succeed!


Merriam Consulting Services, Inc.
134 Chestnut Street
Upton, MA  01568
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